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Details make the difference

P.A. Finanzierungsberatung


Capital markets are always in motion. At the same time, banks have different standards for and expectations of you as an investor. In order to achieve the best results, we maintain an overview of these standards and requirements on your behalf.

With P.A. GmbH, you benefit from committed and engaged financial experts on your side, ready to take over for you. More specifically, we offer you comprehensive

and impartial guidance, support, and optimization for your financial strategy. With this guidance you can make decisions on the financial market with confidence.

Customer opinions

Difficult terrain requires precision

You’ve chosen the right mountain to scale, selected a suitable route, and outfitted yourself with the right gear; but a simple misstep could be the difference between success and failure. We can help guide you safely.

What we offer

We have over 30 years of experience on the market and are confident that your trust in us is in good hands. Our client base is comprised of well-positioned private investors as well as corporate clients whom we strengthen with customized financing and consulting concepts. Our goal is to secure optimal returns for our clients. Playing a supporting role in our efforts is our network of banks and pension funds, project developers and architects, appraisers/surveyors/assessors and tax law firms. The precision of our work complements these networks to offer a well-rounded approach to client needs.

„We don’t believe in rigid operating principles. We believe in people who achieve their best when they can work freely“

Hans Hübbers

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