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One of the advantages of working with P.A. is our ability to ask banks the right questions to ensure the best variety of services are made available to our clients, increasing your profit opportunities.

Private investors, real estate firms, fund and private housing companies know and value us for our good nose for business. Benefit from over 

three decades of experience in real estate financing and structuring, and our team of experts working on your behalf.

„Core data, relevant details, parameters – we’ll dig deep for you.“

Jeannine Mertens-Richter
Leader Back Office

Know where to look

It takes a good nose and a sharp eye to find truffles, and knowing where to look can greatly increase your success. Just like truffles, important details in real estate financing are easier to identify with practice and experience. Simply put, our trained eye can track down even the most hard-to-find treasures.


Let us get acquainted with your plans right from the beginning. We can set you on the right track with detailed designs for return-optimized real estate financing and strategy.

There are asset managers and asset makers. We regard ourselves as the latter. To ensure the most flexible and advantageous configurations it is necessary to examine your existing financing structures in detail. We believe that trust and a good personal relationship can be a deciding factor for

long-term collaboration. The better we know you, the more precisely we can shape your assets to your benefit. And the earlier you bring us on board, the faster we can identify problems and optimize your return on investment.


We want to make the most of your property. We can do this by focusing on the small details while keeping the big picture in mind – micro- and macrocosms. In order to do this we keep the developments and requirements of the financial market in view. Our network supports us in this endeavour:

In the financial sector

  • Mortgage, commercial, and development banks
  • Regional credit unions and savings banks
  • Special financiers
  • Equity partners
  • Pension funds and insurance companies

In our customer base

  • General contractors
  • Project developers
  • Care providers
  • Architects

In additional areas

  • Business partner for insurances
  • Corporate and tax law firms
  • Appraisers/Surveyors/Assessors

“We’ll leave no stone unturned. Every project will be handled by an account manager, a consultant, and an employee from the back office. Our team knows the market players and trends in detail.”

An eye for the intended effect

In order to ensure a violinist’s virtuoso shines, a violin maker takes many things into consideration: In what atmosphere will the instrument be played? What kind of acoustics will the performance room posses? What woods should be selected for construction? Who’s hands will play it? Let us be the craftsmen for your real estate financing.


In the end you’ll say, “That was easy.” This is thanks to our meticulous selection, preparation, and inspection skills – and that we keep in mind the results you are hoping to achieve.

When we submit documents to a bank, you can be sure that they are tailor-made to ensure the bank has everything necessary to offer the optimal real estate financing

for your needs. As a result, you will have access to additional financing alternatives and will be able to negotiate with the bank on a level playing field.

„We offer our clients security: We have the necessary distance to banks to maintain an objective view on things. Therefore, our clients have the security of a comprehensive and complete overview in discussions with their banks.“

Ralf Sieber
Specialist Adviser Real Estate Financing

Discover potential for development

A coffee isn’t just a coffee. A connoisseur knows the difference between a coffee from a vending machine and one carefully prepared with the finest beans. A barista works to extract the finest aromas while perfecting the pressure used, the amount of water, and the grinding process. The attention to detail professional hands provide makes the difference between a beverage and an experience.


We work closely on your real estate and often over a long period of time. In this respect it benefits us to identify the strengths and weaknesses in interest management.

Your real estate portfolio has potential. We’re sure of it. We also know how it can work for you. Thanks to detailed knowledge of the market, close working relationships with our clients, and our strong partnerships.


of all P.A. clients had us optimize more than one financing.


of our clients have already recommended us further, with these recommendations resulting in new projects for us.


of the loans we have reviewed have been successfully placed.

Value enhancement for the next generation

Diamonds: Painstakingly mined, carefully selected, cut, and polished with precision. The result is timeless brilliance and value, just like your real estate. With sustainable financing we ensure the refinement of your assets.


Are you planning to leave something of value to your family? We can work together to ensure that your real estate is passed on, intact, to your family.

When thinking of passing on your estate, you most likely have many questions: How can I avoid my assets being broken up or the loss of real estate due to taxes? Would the establishment of a company be possible and, more importantly, would it be beneficial? How do I ensure my beneficiaries

receive what I leave for them? We will work with you to analyse and optimize your portfolio to find the appropriate solutions for you and your beneficiaries. We will examine your portfolio for fungibility, interest rate risks, and cluster risks.

„All of our clients have already achieved so much. They’ve built assets. We put the finishing touches on what they’ve built.”“

Helmut Rausch


We would be happy to prepare an offer for you.

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